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VA 22980
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  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ By Michael Cantwell
    June 13, 2018
    I can't recommend stronger AGAINST buying tires here, it's terrifying knowing that people are driving 3,000+ pieces of metal at 70+ mph on tires that could blow out at any given time. Think about it.

    Bought 4 used tires from this place and within a week had one separate. They have a 2 day guarantee but since they are used to having issues regularly they replaced it for free. A month later another went out, thinking that it obviously should be replaced for free since this is unacceptable I went back but was charged for this one. Now, 8 months later another a third went out. So 4 out of 6 tires separated. Not so good considering this is literally where the rubber meets the road. If you are looking for used tires in Waynesboro, please do not go here. I was skeptical when I originally bought them, thinking they probably shouldn't have dry rot cracks in all of them, but I didn't get to view them before being put on.

    I've been driving on used tires for 20 years, including the 4 years I was a courier in DC, driving 50k miles per year. I would be willing to bet I've got close to 500,000 miles on used tires in my life, and I've never had one separate.

    If the owner cares to resolve this they are welcome to contact me to do so and I will edit my post. If this post is still up, it means there was no resolution made.

    Update: I called and spoke with the manager and asked what a typical failure rate on a used tire should be. He said he thought 30-40%. I explained to him that I've had 4 of 6 go in the time I've had them, asked if there is anything they would be willing to, suggesting that they apply the money I paid for the used tires towards new tires and was quickly turned down. He explained their thinking is that even if you pay $25 for a tire and you get 2 weeks out of it then you got your moneys worth. The fact that safety isn't even on the radar is scary. At the end of the call I was told to take my business somewhere else, so I did. All interactions with every person at this place expresses a lack of caring.

    I went across the street to Fitzgerald Tires, spoke with someone who was honest and straightforward about my situation, despite it not being what I wanted to hear- they didn't have my tire size but could offer something close. She explained to me the pros and cons of my options and at the end of it took my information to put me on a list to be contacted when they get the correct size. Coming from the experience I had, I looked carefully at the tires they had on display, all much better quality, more and better tread, no dry rot, no cracks. And only $7 more each. They switched my full size spare to my normal rim, which I also bought from ABC Tire. They pointed out a split in the sidewall, so that left me choosing between driving on a tire severely separated in 2 places or this. That would make 5 out of 7 tires from ABC no good.

    I would advise anyone with a similar experience to go beyond Google and contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint.
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ By Jeff Stoll
    November 27, 2017
    They sold me four tires. One was clearly faulty. Asked for a refund and returned the tires. The owner will not contact me and employee told me to get a lawyer and take them to court. They still owe me $140.
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ABC Tire, LLC is a car repair based in Waynesboro, Virginia and located at 500 East Main Street.

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